Different Directions

Different Directions



Currently, we are working with several vendors to supply kits, as well as complete collections to educators and schools.

These will be meteorite and fossil items.

Also, we have created crossword puzzels for most of our meteorites, some of our fossils, and at some time soon, will post these for classroom use.

Currently, we are testing these items, and have come across some funny situations, as well as materials that are just too complex for some audiences, and so we are redesigning them.

We are more than willing to share our experiences with you, and in working with you on any educational projects that fit within our backgrounds and focus.


If you have any educational item -- be it lession plan to collectable sample -- please let me know. Our focus is to improve and support educators, trainers, and their companys -- especially if it expands our capablities to further learning and the love of our natural world.

As always,

looking forward.







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